Amorum Tali

by Purple Rhinestone Eagle

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Amorum Tali, Latin for talons of love, was Purple Rhinestone Eagle’s first experiment with analog recording. Recorded by Alex Yumsimov in his full analog studio, The Pool Recording Studio (Oct 2008), the five song album was recorded in three days. The ladies of the Eagle desired that the album have a raw feel to it capturing their live show experience. Post-production was kept to a minimal to maintain the theme of the album. They chose analog over digital for warmth and a more authentic listening experience. The results speak for themselves:

“Purple Rhinestone Eagle throw a mighty jab with their new 12-inch record, Amorum Tali…Simply put Purple Rhinestone Eagle are on an entirely different plane than their peers – whether it be tugging upon the bushy mane of mythical classic rock unicorns, or grand post-punk numbers that rattle the exposed pipes of their packed basement shows. They intend on not coming back down to earth anytime soon.”
– Ezra Caraeff/Music Editor, Portland Mercury, March 2009


released March 15, 2009

A. Genevieve - guitar, vocals, keyboard, M. Ray Denning - bass, backing vocals, A. Spungin - drums backing vocals



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Purple Rhinestone Eagle Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Meadow
Today the sky opened up for us
And our heads were bathed in a golden light

All of these moments they begin to coalesce
Treat yourself with the greatest care
It isn’t hard to find what you’re looking for
Just follow the path of the black mare

You radiate just what you say you radiate
You celebrate this life with art
Diamond leaves and twisted roots of gnarled trees
All of these fill your lion heart

Fields of green and dandelions
We are laughing
We are crying
Oh the world is spinning slower
Oh my mind is turning over
We met ourselves in the meadow
The place where all things come together
Arms of death
A mother’s face
They held us there in the longest embrace

In a circle of love
Track Name: Sleep, Golden Sleep
The queen of street cats, the patron saint of the ravens
Told me of a vision she once had
Up on the mesa where stories begin to unlay
The black hawk circles and opens the doorway

Yellow sun gives way to purple moon
Twilight skies bathe us in turquoise blue

Step into new worlds, step into your own mind
The secret spirals, the sequence of Dreamtime
These ancient dances make constellations and patterns
We’re air and matter
We are the storm that gathers

So pull your card and play the chosen hand
What we have isn’t ours to understand

Oh cosmic serpent
Your silence kills me
So many riddles
So many quandaries

Golden sleep falls upon us again
Our eyes will be the pools that cool dragons
Track Name: Tidal Wave
Feeling kind of manic and I’m losing my shit
Feeling pretty fucked up and I’m out of it
Infinities are slipping out of my hands
Like so many piles of sand

Dark thoughts come like a tidal wave
Feel my heart being washed away
My body dwells in another place
This hurts more than anything, you know

Music sweet music I need to caress
Pray the cycle breaks cause I can’t take a breath
Carry me gently to the land of sweet song
Loneliness chokes me and I can’t carry on

Don’t want to play the game so I’m gonna check out
I’m seeing some shit that I’m not all about
Everything’s wrong – there is no tenderness
Everyone’s lost their reason to live

Floating face down in the river of consciousness
Track Name: Walk With the Wizard
Walk with the wizard
Mistress of rhythm
Charm snakes with hypnotic gaze
Let your fire blaze

Walk with the wizard
Gaze upon the stance of thine boots
Clothe yourself in the furs of a bear
Talons pluck strings with the gentlest care

Oh daughter of shredders that came before you
Pry out their eyes
You know just what to do
The gems that await you shine in the sunlight
Bejewel this baby where prisms now preside

Clutch with the tiniest grip
Filigree laden with riffs
Track Name: Earth to Temper the Fire
You’re disappearing now into the night
Your hands gently let go of mine
This is the hardest part for me
And I fall into a fitful sleep

Oh baby, what have you done to me?

Time and distance will be the judge
If what we have to hold is enough
Your lips on mine have made their mark
And I can’t think of anybody else

Oh baby, what have you done to me?
You’ve bewitched my heart so effortlessly

Oh, my pretty bird, please fly back to me

I can’t even look at these pictures of you no more
I can’t touch the things you left in my room
When you’re in love and love disappears
Treasured objects become instant despair

I feel so hot and something strange is coming over me
I’m not afraid to say your love is what I need
The Earth keeps spinning; we have this moment in time
Then we’ll be dust again in the blink of an eye

I don’t know…
When will I see you again?